Ben Plus

I made a channel but the channel editor UI was screwed up (i couldn't see any boxes on the left side). This isn''t an issue any more I made other channels and the left boxes were there. My issue is that when i deleted the original channel to remake it I could not use the old shortcut URL on the remade channel. should I wait and try it again?

Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

there have been some issues with the changing of URLs. Can you please post a link to your channel Ben so I can check it out.

Hay Fam Show

Hay Fam Show

I'm having this same problem. I created a channel but decided to delete it and now I can't use the particular shortcut URL that I want. Also even though I've deleted the channel when I log in under my channels, it still still states there are two channels. Input on this?


Soxiam Staff

sometimes these things take time to update. right now i am seeing only 1 channel listed on your account.

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