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Hey guys Ive been really interested in shooting time lapse scenes lately and was wondering if anyone knew of a good workflow to achieve this in Final Cut Express HD. Right now all I have been doing is capturing my HD footage from my Sony HDR FX1 and then speeding it up a certain percentage. That though, takes a long time seeing that I have to re render everytime I speed something up past 200 percent. Cheers guys :) I love vimeo!!!




I've had pretty good results with the "cheapy 3.0MP digi cam" method. I'm using a Canon Powershot A510 which might be out of production but you can still find one on out there. I think most Canon digitals come with the same software.

I use their "Camera Window" software to control the camera from my laptop and to capture jpegs at a certain interval.

After that, you can assemble the jpges into a video clip and edit away.

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