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Being part of this community for a while, there is something that has been bothering me in a positive way. It seems that Vimeo is a video exchange platform that has somehow, unintentionally, evolved towards an platform for abstract video artists. The weird things is that most of these talented people wouldn't care about labeling themselves an artist. They are just ordinary men and women having fun, who happen to be extremely talented in all domains of filmmaking (filming, lighting, editing, scoring).
Being a non-talent myself, I'm often jealous watching their videos, but at the same time I'm thrilled and feeling honoured to be witnessing all this.
Just to illustrate what I'm talking about:
A newcomer with a talent: vimeo.com/user340820
An establish and experienced talent: vimeo.com/cmccarthy




hmm.... my videos are good too! ;-)

Eugenia Loli

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They might be good for a specific usage, but not for what we are talking about here. Sorry, nothing personal. (Mine ain't good for what we are talking about here either btw, so don't feel bad.)



ahahah don´t worry... i was just kidding!

Karen Abad

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I like that people here are good..

but they aren't chauncy about it.

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