I keep getting the following error message when I go to view a video.

"To watch this video, you need Flash 9
You have an old version of Flash. Click here to download the latest version."

I have Flash 9 installed but the site does not recognize this. This is in Internet Explorer. It works fine in FireFox.

Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

I would try uninstalling and then reinstalling flash, hopefully that might help.

Andrew Pile

Andrew Pile Staff

Very strange, both of your Flash versions are showing up as "-1" for us. The latest version should be 9.0.115. Like Blake said the best idea would be to reinstall Flash.



I have no idea how this happened. I just turned on my computer one day and it wouldn't play any videos.

I found that this problem was not related to Vimeo but rather any site that had a Flash component. To fix it I had to go to the Adobe website and use their Flash Unistaller program to completly remove Flash from my computer. I then reinstalled the latest version of Flash and it has worked fine ever since.

Link to Adobe:

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