Off The Broiler

Off The Broiler Plus

I've tried stuff I know people CAN'T possibly be using (random collections of characters) and no matter WHAT I put in there it says its unavailable.

starting with followed by my random characters.


Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

I can't recreate this bug. Please try clearing the cache in your browser or log out and back in and see if that works.

Eric Huecker

Eric Huecker

i know this was 2 months ago, but im having the same problem. i changed the shortcut url to erichuecker and it says theres no such url...


Soxiam Staff

are you talking about a channel or your profile page url here? your profile page url is currently:

did you mean to do that? also, any time you change the url of your profile page, channel or a group, it will take some time to update.

Eric Huecker

Eric Huecker

thanks for the speedy reply! i really appreciate it!
and i dunno what happend, i wanted to use 'erichuecker' but i got frustrated and typed in 'shortcuturl' just to be stupid and it worked.

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