somewhere right in the middle I've noticed.

Paul McClintock

Paul McClintock

Mackrad means that when you upload directly in flash video, vimeo can't or won't give the clip a thumbnail.

In either case, the ability to manually upload your own jpg or gif would help immensely.

Marcus Bergsma -

Marcus Bergsma - Plus

thanx pauk! would be nice to have the option to upload your own picture. in the pro (pay) version of flickr i believe you can replace pics... in theorie it should be possible to replace it with any other picture you choose to be most suitable... but i'm running to low on the cashflow to "just" test it.

wont it be a good idea to see all video's have a standard thumbnail saying "click play" or something (untill someone chooses to get a flickr-pic)... anything will look better then the mess my video's look now... untill you click play offcourse. ;-)


heather Plus

I like the idea of being able to upload a thumbnail for my .flv files. Pretty please?

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