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Hi, we have a site with many videos added weekly that we want to keep private and only viewable on our site via embed, which is an option in our PLUS account.

However we have a new subscriber who uses an android phone and can't see them. We don't want to make the vids downloadable for various reasons (sometimes working w/ people's personal issues etc on the site) --

The pro account says something about making 'mobile' videos. Will this solve our problem - will we be able to make our videos already uploaded (there are almost 80 now) into mobile viewable.

Is there a way someone w/ vimeo would be willing to let us test one either on our account or to send to them, and see if the user(s) can see the mobile videos within our forum on their phone?



MasterHeart Institute

MasterHeart Institute PRO

Thanks. Is the 'mobile version' the same and just a different level of quality, or does it actually change things in a way that someone w/ an android phone who currently can't view them might be able to view them?


Mark Staff

The latter. The files we generate aren't playable on mobile devices. A specific one needs to be created.

MasterHeart Institute

MasterHeart Institute PRO

Thanks for your reply. The 'mobile version' seems to already be checked on my page, and when I log in via my iphone, there is no 'generate mobile version.'

I can view them on my iphone, but this user cannot view them on his android. Does this mean it is something specific with the android, and are there any known solutions if this is the case?

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

It looks like the mobile versions are still being generated, so you might want to ask the person to try again with the Android phone a little later.

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