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Stanwood/Camano NEWS

The test video below is 1280x720.

The Vimeo guys suggested I ask here for help. They said the black bars in the video are in the source file and that Premiere Elements must be adding them.

In Elements, in the 'monitor' you can see the video and there are dark gray areas above and below it. I can't seem to resize the video to overlap the areas (the video hides behind them). I can zoom out to make the gray area much bigger and the video much smaller.

I'm shooting video with a Sony DCR-SR300, which gives me 16:9 video. The black bars don't show up in the mpeg's it spits out until I edit them in Elements.

Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.

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Created by: X

I have the same problem with Premiere Elements 4 trying to remove black bars from the left and right sides of the video. I started the project with 16:9 HD 1440x1080 resolution preset and added 2 static titles then try to render as h.264 *.mov at same resolution and aspect ratio but it keeps adding those dam bars no matter what I do with fiddling around with the settings.

The source video was captured using Premiere Elements 4 at 1440x1080 resolution as well so I dont under stand why it keeps doing it. it is like it keeps getting rendered for a 4:3 aspect even though I specify 16:9 in the settings.

I am also using a Sony first hd consumer camera the HDR-HC3

Can anyone else provide any tips on how to solve this?

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Created by: X

Turns out it seems to be the h.264 mov format. I encoded the video in wmv and it worked fine with no black bars. So it seems to be the h.264 encoder or maybe premiere elements is not passing the right data to the h.264 encoder. But yeah I have deduced it to being something having to do with the h.264 encoding process itself. BTW: Encoding in flv also works fine with no black bars showing up.

Gregor Wolf

Gregor Wolf

If you have the bars already in PE, before you even start to output a file, then it cannot be the decoder; also, I do not think it can be the encoder, because this only applies to the footage-download-process from the cam to disk and into PE.

I would rather think that your footage and your project settings do not fit. My suggestion is:

- download from the cam without PE. Sony HC3, for instance, provides a HDV M2T stream (and not AVCHD). Use e.g. AVCutty or HDVSplit.

- look at the files. This should be 1440x1080@50i, as far as I remember the HC3.

- Open a new project in PE3. Open this project (setting only from the splashscreen!) with HD 1440x1080@50i settings.

- import the files.

No bars?

Then edit your clip and output it as "Quicktime" with the H.264 converter (!, important) and again with explicit 1280x720 settings (for Vimeo).

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