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Seems to be happening on almost all videos now whether on, on external sites, and even on videos in my account as well.
OSX 10.8.2 Macbook Pro
Chrome & Firefox
HTML5 player & Flash player.

This is unacceptable, especially since we use this service to showcase our videos to our clients. Vimeo used to be the "go to" source for ultra high quality but now that it doesn't seem to work anymore anyone have any suggestions for other HQ/HD video sharing sites?

Riley Hooper

Riley Hooper Staff

Hi there, Sorry you're having trouble! Could you link me to a video where you're seeing this error message? Thanks!

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Good day! thanks for the quick response. Here is a video that is on my home page upon signing in


as well as your staff pick on the homepage:

Monster Roll by Dan Blank

as well as this one:

Pretty much just any random video I can click on I always get the Oops Something Broke. Please try again later!

Example screenshots in the URL submitted below.

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided at this time.


Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Hey there- thanks for the additional info. I need to ask just a few questions in order to get full details so that I can further assist in helping with the problem, because at the moment, I can't replicate your problem. Is this issue extremely consistent or intermittent? Does it happen on all browsers (have you attempted Firefox or IE?)?

No Club Club

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Sorry for the delay in responding. This error happens about 80% of the time. Having to refresh the entire browser window to attempt again and again seems to be the only way to get it to finally "catch"
All broswers as stated above that are currently installed on this Macbook Pro. Chrome (primary), firefox, safari.
Seems to make no difference the browser.
Seems to make no difference switching between the flash player & the HTML5 player.
With or without all plugins enable & disabled.

It has happened on occasion at home (different network) PC based browsing, Chrome & Firefox.


Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Can you make sure your Flash player is updated to the latest version to see if you still see that error message? Are you seeing it in multiple browsers?



Hi, I wanted to chime in on this topic and say users at my company have been experiencing the same issue for the past month or so. I have verified that the "Oops! Something broke" message occurs in multiple browsers and operating systems, both PC and Mac, although our office is predominantly Mac. Flash players have all been updated, but nothing seems to fix this problem. Videos load about 25% of the time, it is very frustrating. We can't seem to find any common denominator that causes the issue. A few of our users say they experience the same issue at home, and we thought it could possibly be related to Airport Extreme APs, but the issue happens on a wired connection as well.

There are absolutely no rules set up on our corporate firewall that would affect loading Vimeo videos. There are currently no blocked domains, and all other streaming video sites (Youtube, Viddler, Dailymotion, Veoh) work fine without any problems. Any insight would be very appreciated!

Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hi there, we will look into this issue. If you haven't already, could you try switching between the Flash player and the HTML5 player:

Also, use our Flash checker to make sure you are using the most recent version of Flash:

If you still receive the error, could you please provide the following information: 1. URLs of videos where you receive this error 2. A list of the browsers you have tried

We apologize for the inconvenience while we look into this issue.


Aaron Plus

I get this exact problem. I was just about to add my complaint to this thread when it randomly started to work again.

Seems to be happening more and more. I use the HTML5 player only but have tried the switching to flash and back trick to fix it, which works sometimes but not reliably.

Mac OSX 10.8.2, Chrome, Safari.

both browsers have the problem when it does occur. Seems entirely to be something wrong with vimeo itself and not the browser since this wil fix itself with no changes done by users.

Link: ,

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Interesting. Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to look into this.



Earlier today, I verified on four separate workstations that Vimeo videos were not loading. Instead of giving any type of error message, upon pressing play on a video, it would show a black screen and skip to the end of the video without playing.

This occurred on Macs running 10.7.5, 10.8.2, and a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium. It happened in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It happened on any videos tested on Vimeo, either on the video's page itself or embedded in a feed or another website.

A couple hours later, I could not duplicate the behavior, then it came back later. This has been our experience for the past couple months, the problem comes and goes throughout the day. As many of our workstations are coming from the same public IP address, is there any chance that we're triggering some kind of security feature that's temporarily blocking our IP?



I forgot to mention that switching from the Flash Player to HTML5 did not have any effect. Also, I don't have the versions of Flash running for every computer experiencing the issue, but my own computer is OSX 10.8.2 running Flash version 11.5.502.110.

Sebas Lozano

Sebas Lozano

In Chrome an IE. Now, I can see videos on Flash Player. With html5 the download of the video is too slow.


Mark Staff

Okay, so the issue is resolved then?

Tom Braun

Tom Braun

I am having the same issue on Chrome, IE and Firefox on Windows 7 64 bit. Broken in both Flash and HTML5. WTH???

George P. Wiley

George P. Wiley

Same issue Vimeo. What has changed recently? Over the past few months uploads have been unreliable. I have a few different Pro accounts that cause me issues as well.

Danny Agama

Danny Agama Plus

I have the same issue as well. I can't watch any video without having the Oops Something Broke message pop up.

Windows 8 Pro
Google Chrome, Safari. and IE10.
Latest flashplayer is installed as well.

Not sure what is going on. On a very very rare occasion the video will suddenly play. But only about 99% of the time. This really sucks.

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