Mike Cantor

Mike Cantor Plus


I am releasing a music video on Vimeo on Monday. I uploaded it three weeks ago and made it password-protected so that I could pitch it to blogs in advance of it's release. On monday I would like to make it public, and I'd also like it to show that the date for the video is monday, not a month ago. Will making it public do this? What if I "replace" the video by re-uploading the file. Will that reset the date? I would like to avoid just uploading it again as a separate video and having to contact blogs with a new link.

Thanks for any tips you can give me on this topic.

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Mike, unfortunately, that's not an option. If you want to show the upload date as the date you make it public, you'll have to re-upload the video.

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