Freakpyromaniacs Plus

Hi guys,

for the last two days the upload is really bad.
Yes, i have all the settings as how they have to be. I have uploaded a few thousend movies and it worked till 3 days ago.

What's happening ??


Mark Staff

Please contact us privately. Visit and choose "Other Issues" from the drop-down menu. As the subject of your inquiry, write "Slow Uploading."

In your message, please provide the following information:

(1) The upload speed on your internet connection as reported by one of these tests:

(2) The average upload speed you're seeing on (Keep in mind we measure speed in bytes and speed test measure in bits. 1 Mbps, or megabit per second, is not the same as 1 MB/s, or megabyte per second.)

(3) The browsers and uploader versions you have tried. Also let us know if you've ever experienced better service in the past. If so, let us know when and how things changed.

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