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I can play this vimeo embed video (and all of the other videos on the site ontherealfilm.com) on my computer, but when it comes up on an android or iphone it won't play. is the file too big? need different embed settings? something else?

Link: ontherealfilm.com/somnia.html

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi there, sorry for the trouble. Your video is playing fine for me on my iPhone. Are your mobile browsers and software up to date?

cuehon kim

cuehon kim PRO

My videos aren't working on Android 4.0.4. I tried 2 different Samsung Android 4.0.4 phones.
Only audio plays but video is not coming out.
I checked on their settings like "select view mode" for mobile not for desktop. The mobile mode was chosen on the select view mode.

I just rebooted the phones, reset all their settings of internet browsers and cleaned all the cache, history and cookies.

But they still aren't working.

Please check your incompatibilities on Android 4.0.4 phones or Android 4 or higher.

Also please let me know if there's the solution for this matter.

Thank you.

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