Theo Tranca

Theo Tranca

I am supposed to make an intro video for The Porting Team's site; Using the Wine project, people make PC software and video games work on Macs by creating wrappers for them ( is not a warez site!). I need to use some wallpapers of the ported games somewhere in the video so that I can tell people what PC games have been ported with Wine... Is it ok if I use them?
Also, I've got a quarter of a song called "In the round" by the Cardigans running in the background... From what I've read about WMG copyright information, it's fair use to play a portion of it and mention the name, but I wanted to ask you as well what you think...
Thank you!


Mark Staff

Can you upload it privately first so we can take a look? I'm not really sure what you're describing.

As for the music, adding a third party’s copyrighted content to a video generally (but not always) constitutes copyright infringement under applicable laws. Under relevant U.S. laws, should a copyright owner come across their copyrighted content on one of our sites, they can submit a takedown notification requesting that we remove the content. This same area of law affords the operator of the site some level of protection from claims of copyright infringement, when dealing with user-generated-content. The same protection does not apply to the actual poster of the content. Again, we cannot provide any legal advice on this subject, so if you are genuinely concerned, we suggest you contact an attorney.

That said, the Vimeo Music Store is a great source for licensable music that you can use in your video. Check it out here:

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Theo, as long as you are not making money from this software, it is fine with us. Thanks for checking in first.

Theo Tranca

Theo Tranca

Really? That is great! Thank you so much! :)

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