Mark Staff

-- UPDATE 12/29 --
Some newer videos have once again become unsearchable. This is anything that has been uploaded within the past week. Our developers are working on this, however, being that we're all out of office for the holidays, this process is moving a bit slower than normal. Sorry everyone! Everything should be back to normal soon.

-- UPDATE 12/20 --

Everything should be searchable again except for stuff uploaded between Dec 10 and early morning Dec 20th. All of that stuff should catch up over the next week or so! Slowly getting back to normal around here. Thanks for sticking with us!

-- UPDATE 12/19 --

Searching for users should now be available again. Clip re-indexing has begun and you should slowly start to see some relevant results again. This process can take a few more days, but we thank you for your patience!


Hey everyone! We're currently in the process of making big improvements to our on-site search utility. As of this writing, when you search, there are no results for videos uploaded within the past couple of days. We just installed some super new shiny machines that need some time to re-index all of this information. This process can last up to a couple of days from now (hopefully before the end of the week), but after that, things should be smooth sailing.

Thanks for bearing with us while we help make Vimeo work better for y'all. We know outages like this are super inconvenient and we truly apologize for that. Trust us though, it's for the greater good :)

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