Noticed 4 months ago there was a few post about this problem and wondered if you're any closer to fixing it.

To clarify, when i'm logged into my account (pro) is when the problem happens. When I'm finished viewing the current video, if I go to the "more videos" menu and click on another video, the address bar at the top displays the new address but no page ever loads. You can force the page to load by refreshing the page, because the browser is already displaying the new page address in the address bar.

I'm using a Mac which is running Mac OS 10.7.4,
Browsers tested - Safari 6.0, Chrome 24.0.1312.52, Fire fox 18.0

No errors are shown!?!?!

If you fix this i'll be your best friend and buy you a pint.



Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Thom, being best friends and drinking suds sounds excellent. Can you clarify whether you are seeing this with the Flash or the Html5 player (or both)?

Vimeo FAQ: vimeo.com/help/faq/usingthevimeowebsite#switchplayer



Hi Ian,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it appears to be in both Flash and HTML5.

I also viewed the console log whilst I navigated to another video using the more videos bar. No errors were displayed just this,

Do you like JavaScript too? --> whyYesIDoLikeJavaScript() global_combined.min.js:614
brozar :: toggle :: open clip_combined.min.js:82
brozar :: loaded clip_combined.min.js:82
onEnter clip_combined.min.js:80
true clip_combined.min.js:80
onEnter clip_combined.min.js:80
true clip_combined.min.js:80

Let me know if you need anymore from me.

Chars! (said in a post English accent (that's for you Mark))


Mark Staff

Cool, thanks for the info! We'll pass this along to our developers.

Chars indeed!

Joe Shaw

Joe Shaw Plus

Having the exact same issue. Using Chrome on PC, all extensions disabled and with both versions of the player. This does not happen with IE. Tried clearing cache and logging out and in etc.

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Thanks for the heads up, Joe. I'm going to look into this now.

Luciano Baragiola

Luciano Baragiola Plus

Same here.
When I click "more videos" I see the black bar with all my videos but when I click one, the window below (video box,player, description, stats, ecc) becomes white (like opacity) and nothing happens.

I'm on a mac OSX 10.6.8 with firefox 18.0.1.

In my case, the bar never worked, I think it's like this since months.

Hope you can find a solution.


Idealab Plus

Hi Mark and Ian !

No updates about this bug? cheeeers

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