Hi there,

I get back to you about an old topic I opened few months ago, which has been closed without any solution dispite of my several remiders. I must admit at this time, I gave up.


I have an available slot in the feature videos(from Group>Setting) , but I can't add any new one. The Save button is not available when I add a third video.

And if I delete all videos, the Save button becomes available, but when I click on it, nothing happen.

I'm using FIREFOX 18. Made the test with IE9 and Chrome. Same result.

I didn't renew my subscription in august 2012 because of all of these bugz I faced in my Timelapse videos group, just after the release of the new vimeo website.

I would be grateful if one day you decide to fix those very boring bugs so I could change my mind.

Best regards

Link: Timelapse Videos

Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Can you link me to the third video you'd like to feature? I'd like to run a quick test. Thanks.



Hi Rebecca,

Would you try this one :
Timelapse Videos

FYI, I entered only 39479977 in the field,

Many thank in advance, looking forward to hearing back from you

Link: Timelapse Videos


Mark Staff

I'll look into this - sorry about that!!

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