Eric Yearwood

Eric Yearwood

Hi. I'm trying to embed this video on my website. I would like it to contain the portrait, title, and my name, but those things are not visible when I embed the video. Actually, they're not visible even on the vimeo page. What am I doing wrong?




Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi Eric, can you link me to where your video is being embedded so that I can take a look?

Eric Yearwood

Eric Yearwood

Hey Ian, thanks for the help. I'm building a website right now so the page with the embed is not live. The same thing is happening on the vimeo page though here:

Rebecca Tharp

Rebecca Tharp Staff

Hey Eric- they aren't meant to show overlaid on the actual clip page on Vimeo, because all of the information is there on the page already. But, once your website is up and you can send a link over to us, that would be great. We can take a look there to see if there's something you can change in your settings.

In the meantime, check this out:

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