Rob Hawthorn

Rob Hawthorn

I've shot this piece (see url) where the foreground plays out in real-time and the background and sky are timelapsed. In order to merge the compiled timelapse and the real time footage I exported a frame of film, opened it up in photoshop and painted over everything I wanted to matte out. I then placed just the photoshop layer with the paint over the real time clip back in FCP, mixed down, then chroma keyed the paint out from the resulting clip.

No doubt there's a better and much quicker way to do this if you're good with After Effects etc. I went for this method as I was excited to get it finished and it was the first method I thought of.

The join isn't seamless by any means. It's in fact very close to being a straight horizontal line, which I could of course have just cropped very easily, dispensing with photoshop/keying. It was just enough off from being straight though to make me want to take the extra effort.

Thoughts? Similar examples? I want to learn more


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