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Hi Guys

i finally managed to put a streaming version of my documentary "Inside HD" online. The whole doco can be watched at:


and features:

Don McAlpine ACS/ ASC
Denson Baker ACS
Steve Arnold ACS
Nick Paton ACS
Danny Ruhlmann ACS
Ron Johanson ACS

Which I interviewed personally about their experiences with high definition and their transition from shooting 35mm to digital. This documentary was part of my doctorate program at university and was shot on red....please forgive the audio quality.

I shot and directed the doco myself (no budget as usual) , did the audio myself and it still needs a color grade and some better titles and credits.

I'm very open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Also, if anyone finds the documentary interesting and would like a 1080p version for academic or teaching purposes, please get in touch with me, I'm happy to share the footage.

It was a great experience to meet all these amazing cinematographers and listening to their insights, thanks again for everyone involved. Especially Don McAlpine is an absolute gentleman, extremely down to earth and was a pure pleasure to work with, he also said some very interesting things about HD filmmaking which surprised me at the time, considering he comes from a high end 35mm shooting background....some very interesting views on 4K+ resolution and the change over from film to digital.

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