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I watched your film because I know it is hard to get people to take a look at our films, and especially for them to say anything about them once they do.. Interesting idea and somewhat moody. It looks like you did this pretty much on your own so good job on that. It is tough to sometimes find people who believe in your ideas or who even want to help. It could probably have been just a little shorter, maybe by a minute or so. My first short film was originally 11 minutes long and a year later, after having some critique on it, I decided to edit it down to 8 1/2 minutes, mainly cutting out part of a conversation that was a little too long. Pretty good job on the makeup, though It was still a little obvious the actor was much younger. Anyway, I hope that was a little helpful. Thanks for posting your stuff.



thanks for you time to write,,,
i got another one... not longer.. just two min twenty second ;)

Link: vimeo.com/55379087

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