Patrick Doody

Patrick Doody

We are pleased to say that our 5-minute film A New Day has made it through to ROUND 2 (the final 10 films) of Shooting People's Film of the Month Competition.

If you voted for A New Day in Round 1, We'd be very grateful if you could vote for it again in Round 2.

If you haven't yet seen it, then please take a look and give us as many stars (1-5) as you feel is appropriate.

A New Day was shot guerilla-style for less than £100 and has been variously described as "lovely", "meaningful" and "profound".

The top 3 films will be mulled over by no less a figure than Mr. Olympics himself, Danny Boyle, so if you could help us to get onto his cinematic radar I'd be very grateful indeed.

Please also feel free to share the film with anyone who you think might like it: We'd like to get it out there to as many Shooters and non-Shooters as possible.


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