Gil Michael

Gil Michael

I joined Vimeo about 3 years ago and uploaded a couple of videos here back then.
I removed them some time ago because nobody was watching.
I have quite a following for what I do on YouTube so focused on that site as a showcase for my music.

Recently I have been remastering my video and audio to 1080p HD playback and decided to start uploading again to Vimeo since the quality of the videos and the player here is quite high.

I have a lot of original songs and quite a few cover songs as well. So far I have uploaded two originals and one cover (Psychedelic Furs). I have also been watching videos of others and commenting, liking and following ones I like.
I joined Groups centered around my interests which are Music and Motorcycles.
Looking for a better way to get my songs out to Listeners.
My music is acoustic and I do sometimes collaborate with other songwriters to create songs.

Cheers, Gil


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