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My name is Eduardo Santella, I
am a Guatemalan filmmaker and since
a young age I have had a passion for art
in all of it´s expressions. I went to
school in California and studied to
become a recording engineer, but when
I learned how to film just by watching
tutorials on Vimeo and Youtube, my
life changed in an amazing way.
Bringing my musical knowledge and
integrating it with moving images has
been a huge highlight in the way I
present my art, an art that touches the
soul and brings out the best of who we
are as humans.

All this sparked an idea, an idea
that for the last 2 years I have set out to
a ch i e v e . A S PACE IN TIME
PROJECT is the result of all the
wonderful experiences and knowledge I
have gained over the last 4 years since I
became a filmmaker and a better
human being.I am determined to complete this
mission and bring on board other
artists and filmmakers who share the same passion. if your interested please email me at


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