Oaty Hill Productions

Oaty Hill Productions

This year's Edinburgh Short Film Festival is once again open for entries, screening the best in contemporary International short cinema
alongside Scottish & UK short films in Scotland's ancient capital!


The Festival welcomes submissions from Scottish, UK and International filmmakers.
All genres will be considered - we have previously screened everything from drama to animation, music
to documentary, experimental to comedy and all genres in-between.

Films must have been completed after the 1st January 2011, the maximum duration is 20 minutes.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd May.

Link: edinburghshortfilmfestival.co.uk/


Naissance PRO

We would love to be considered!!

As we follow the infamous killer on one of his evenings, we enter a world somewhere between Sin City and the opening titles of Mad Men.

Jack the Ripper

Sherly Jessica

Sherly Jessica

It's a new fun movement to share the used notebooks to those who need in Fun and Creative way.
This Social Campaign was held on Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
We invite the junior high school students, who still had used notebooks to be collected and together we recycle it so those books can be used again for other children who need the books.
Budi and Siska is our representative and also as the main character of Buku Sisa Kita Social Campaign, they help all the children to share the notebook in a fun way.
Because Fun is when you can share it with other
Just check out the action!
More information :
facebook : facebook.com/bukusisakita
Twitter : twitter.com/bukusisakita
Website : bukusisakita.com

Link: vimeo.com/87052441



Hello everyone! This is Cagil from Art By Chance working as Project Coordination Assistant.
Art by Chance Film Festival collects amazingly diverse ultra short films from all around the world. Before long, internationally selected fascinating movies pop into your lives suddenly in subways, airports, shopping malls, etc reaching more than 20 countries / 200 cities and 1.5 billion worldwide.
Theme for this year is Discover. Art By Chance sets out to celebrate the act of discovery in all its forms, from people to places to ideas this year. We would greatly appreciate it if you kindly support us and spread the word. Get going! We are waiting for your films! You might win a round flight ticket to anywhere in the world by the courtesy of our global sponsor Turkish Airlines. For more information about the festival, please visit artbychance.com
Our participation video: vimeo.com/105332631
Kindest regards,
Cagil Ozdemir
Project Coordination Assistant

Link: artbychance.com

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