Bill Griscom

Bill Griscom

As a school district, we'd love to have the ability to restrict certain IP ranges to only see material not classified as mature or sexual in nature. We're required by CIPA to filter pornographic imagery. Even though some of the material in the erotica section may be viewed as artistic or examples of human form, it's a difficult sell with our parents. A lot of the videos are very sexual in nature.

Even something like Google's strict search feature that would prevent certain categories from appearing would be helpful. Unfortunately we need to block all of until something changes. I hate to block such a great resource.


Global Virtual Studio

Global Virtual Studio PRO

We also use Vimeo for client and investor presentations of the video's we've made. We use an Apple TV 2, and when it is not in use, Vimeo lists videos on our screen of Nudity and inappropriate stills for videos. This makes Vimeo a very unprofessional way to show our content. We've had to stop using it altogether as we would could very easily have harmed some high value investor relationships from a recent presentation. We agree that this should be one of the primary features to implement, especially on APP devices that families and professional atmospheres use. Thank you for your swift action on this issue. Is there a status update on when this sort of feature will be available?

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

When we start to implement Mature Content rating into side-wide search, we'll let users know!

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