Amber Ren

Amber Ren Plus

Hi! I am Amber Ren, currently studying character animation at California Institute of the Arts. I am looking for a composer to score my film and a sound designer.

My film is about a young girl who has to spend a day with her grandpa who just arrived from China. They have to overcome their cultural and language barriers to understand and appreciate each other.

For my music, due to the fact that the little girl is fully immersed in American culture, I would like her theme to be American pop. The grandpa lived his entire life in China; therefore, I think it would be fitting for his theme to be traditional Chinese music, or 80s Chinese pop if possible.

I am willing to change my music ideas around if we collaborate and come up with something more creative and interesting!

Here is the link to my film character designs: please take a look!

Please shoot me an e-mail if you are interested:

Thank you for reading!

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