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Hi, I'm 6 months into my annual Plus subscription. Is the unused 6 months refunded or credited if I upgrade to Pro? Thanks

H. Paul Moon

H. Paul Moon PRO

This question seems asked and half-answered repeatedly, while nothing about the issue exists in FAQs or all of the recent press.

What's the amount of the refund?

Also, your terms of service say that if a PRO-level account doesn't get renewed at the PRO level, absolutely everything gets deleted. This is distinguishable from what happens when you go from a Plus to a Basic account, which DOESN'T wipe out everything. Please explain, thanks.

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi there, we will refund your Plus account. Many PRO accounts upload commercial material that cannot live on a Plus or a Basic account, so we consequently wipe it out. If your content does not fall into this category, you can of course revert back to Plus or Basic and keep your material. Simply message us via vimeo.com/help/contact. Sorry for the confusion.

H. Paul Moon

H. Paul Moon PRO

Thanks for the clarification! I'm still confused about the upgrade path to PRO from Plus, as my question about the refund amount remains unanswered -- and also, does the refund precede full PRO payment, or does it apply at PRO checkout? I'll certainly ask this at the link you provided, but I suppose it would be practical and nice to make it publicly clear too, starting here but certainly in your FAQs where there is total silence on the issue. Thanks again.


Mark Staff

Unfortuantely our payment team can only handle these issues via the contact form Ian linked to. We cannot help with these issues or answer these questions in the forums, sorry.

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