Ethan Diamond

Ethan Diamond


I received an offer at email "A" offering a free GoPro Hero 3 White edition if I upgraded to a PRO account, on the conditions that: 1) I upgraded the account that had been emailed the offer. 2) I did not cancel the account or the upgrade. The offer stated that after 30 days of having the account, I would be emailed instructions requesting a shipping address for said camera.

I upgraded my account to PRO, but then I also went ahead and changed the email address associated with this account to my professional email (Email "B").

Q 1) Will this email change somehow take me out of the loop of receiving follow up instructions once my PRO account has been active for 30 days?

Q 2) Will the follow up instructions be emailed to what is now the only email address associated with the account (Email "B")?


- Ethan Diamond

Darnell Witt

Darnell Witt Staff

Hey Ethan,

Thanks for upgrading to PRO!

1) No worries on the email change. We're tracking this by user ID, and I just confirmed that your ID is on the list.

2) The confirmation will be sent to the new email address you tied to your account.


Ethan Diamond

Ethan Diamond


This kind of prompt and helpful response is the reason y'all don't need phone help lines. Thank you! Your response is greatly appreciated.

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