Darko Radisavljevic

Darko Radisavljevic

Soul Junction Art Fest is multi medium festival combining poetry, paintings, photography, sculpture, music and film. We are a completely independent festival, trying to take off, and for the first time. But don't underestimate us, We are very young but very serious and dedicated people, and we would love if you would trust us by submitting your films or any kind of video art, and letting us present it to the people who appreciate such work. The idea behind this is to introduce artists to their capabilities of functioning in the real world by doing what they love most and in the same time, fuel their motivation by transcending the appreciation of the visitors into encouragement. We would love for this Idea to grow and we would love to create a commune of dedicated artists that would cooperate in the future.
Leave your interesting and innovative films or video art(links) here and we will contact you via private message. Thanks for trusting us!

Tessa Garland

Tessa Garland

Hi Please take a look at my channel. You might be interested in my latest work Not Far From Here or Above the Skyline
Thanks Tessa

Link: Tessa Garland

Darko Radisavljevic

Darko Radisavljevic

Thanks for everyone who submitted so far!
I just want to make one thing clear, we are interested in films of any length, short films or feature, films with or without subject or theme, unconventional, abstract, even video installations!

Darko Radisavljevic

Darko Radisavljevic

We are in the process of watching your films and we will contact all of you who submitted so far, in a couple of days!

Also, the deadline for submissions is 19th of may!




Inpixstudio 2013 / Tunis, Tunisia

Link: vimeo.com/65423377

5937 Studio

5937 Studio


My name is MontaQue Ruffin and I'm a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts's Computer Art/Animation department. It gives me great pleasure to finally share with you a short film that I've directed and worked on for the past 2 years.

I present, Puggums - A story that reminds us that when all is lost and gone and you're in the midst of deep despair, don't give up, for there's always a brighter side around the corner.

Link: vimeo.com/65975416

Hope you enjoy!

Darko Radisavljevic

Darko Radisavljevic

Hello everyone! Due to some technical difficulties the Festival will be delayed till June, which means that we will be moving the deadline till further notice.
Just a reminder...we are looking for films and videos of all genres and themes but they have to have a clear message(unless abstract) that would be interesting to the public, those films should be visually appealing(the basis of film as an art form is moving images, tell a story via images only if you can), and above all those films should be innovative and creative.
Since we all ready got a lot of abstract videos-films we will be focusing our search on narrative films. Oh and one more thing, I know we didn't mention this earlier but we are not interested in music videos and we cannot accept those.

Dump The Trump Campaign

Dump The Trump Campaign Plus

Memorial Day 2013 vimeo.com/66689633

My name is Richard and I am a Vietnam veteran. I served in Vietnam at the age of seventeen after lying about my age to join the Army. At the time it was my way out of the projects and a very bad family life. After forty years I am just coming with grips of what I seen and experience in Nam. I am just now able to view many of the photos that I took in nam. I created this tribute to many of the brothers and friends that I lost in Vietnam after being told by my PTSD doctor at the VA it would be good therapy. This is my experience in photos with what I could not say in words. vimeo.com/66689633

Please Be sure to turn on your sound before viewing. Although you have no way of knowing the reasons why, the photos and music have all been selected for very personal reasons. vimeo.com/66689633

Link: vimeo.com/66689633

Darko Radisavljevic

Darko Radisavljevic

Remember to provide a download link along with the video/film you are submitting.



Ukrainian antiwar short film "Lullaby"

War takes away the son from the Mother. Now her lullaby sounds for all the soldiers who fell asleep forever.

vimeo.com/66882109 password "Lullaby2013"

Arthur Jeanroy

Arthur Jeanroy Plus

Tout dans la tête (Meurtr'rap), a music video shot with a black & white Arri Alexa and a Phantom Flex. Just follow the night of a hitman in Paris and enjoy !

Lien: vimeo.com/68690246



Please Watch & Vote.

Link: http://bit.ly/HeY4Pz

Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett Plus

Hi, Here is the link to my short stop motion film about a man fighting off a mechanical parasite.
Thanks for taking a look!
Sam Barnett

Link: vimeo.com/79592422

Daniel Hillel-Tuch

Daniel Hillel-Tuch Plus

We made a an experimental dreamscape video originally commissioned for a Haunted House that stands on its own as a nightmarish vision into genre horrors. Hope you enjoy it!

Link: vimeo.com/84566336

Andrew M Pisanu

Andrew M Pisanu

Produced for zero budget, this is the video to "Rufus Wainwright", the final track from the album "Collecting Diseases". (Please note, it is not a Rufus Wainwright cover.)

"The shelves overcrowded
the gifts are all bullshit
I'd trade every one
for an empty room with you in it"

Directed by Spencer Doane and Will Haynes, aka Whirlwind Films.
Filmed in Calstock, Cornwall, England.
Written by Andrew M Pisanu.
Starring Andrew M Pisanu and Will Mattos.

Link: vimeo.com/90810998


ComboBros Plus

Where Do We Go From Here
An animation created for the opening of the 'EQUILIBRI' exhibition displayed at ANADEMA Hair Stylists in Milan.

Link: vimeo.com/90024062

Eugene Tay

Eugene Tay

Sam goes on his first road trip with best friend Eugene and his girlfriend Pauline. The film is shot from Sam's point of view (POV)

Please let me know if you are using it for your screening by dropping me an email eugehet@gmail.com or private msg. Thank You!

Link: vimeo.com/53060531



Hello everyone! This is Cagil from Art By Chance working as Project Coordination Assistant.
Art by Chance Film Festival collects amazingly diverse ultra short films from all around the world. Before long, internationally selected fascinating movies pop into your lives suddenly in subways, airports, shopping malls, etc reaching more than 20 countries / 200 cities and 1.5 billion worldwide.
Theme for this year is Discover. Art By Chance sets out to celebrate the act of discovery in all its forms, from people to places to ideas this year. We would greatly appreciate it if you kindly support us and spread the word. Get going! We are waiting for your films! You might win a round flight ticket to anywhere in the world by the courtesy of our global sponsor Turkish Airlines. For more information about the festival, please visit artbychance.com
Our participation video: vimeo.com/105332631
Kindest regards,
Cagil Ozdemir
Project Coordination Assistant

Link: artbychance.com

Jimmy and June

Jimmy and June

Experience the visual and musical montage of “One-Sided”. See the music. Hear the art. Join the stereophonic movement of Jimmy & June! Submit to this experience. Let the blend of art and music create multiple ‘gasms of the eye and ear.

Link: vimeo.com/jimmyandjune/onesidedshort-film


www.2112productions.org Business

Hi, My non profit org partners with artists to create videos. I only have two clients so far but I am sure they would be fine with you using their videos to show at the festival.
On my link you will see a few. I am 98% down with two more that would work well on a big stage so i'm sending you the private link to both (please don't share as I am waiting artist approvals)
Let me know what you think and if you would like to show any or all of them i will contact the artists.

Link: vimeo.com/2112productionsorg

Link: vimeo.com/2112productionsorg



A mysterious person returns from the future to give you invaluable information that sends you on a journey you may never forget.

Link: vimeo.com/167490371

John Sayson

John Sayson Plus

An entire worldview of the Philippines as experienced and perceived by my uncle and cousins currently living there. A call to more humble and grounded attitudes in our equally important and historically brief lives.

Link: vimeo.com/168329742

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