I am repeatedly, and every day having "video unavailable" showing up on my videos. They have played before and been posted for weeks. I have exchanged numerous emails with tech support advising of the problem. All I get is "the problem is fixed' or "we are working on it". Is it going to get fixed? Is there a solution? Is anyone else running into this?

I finally created one web page showing all videos so I just have to pop it up to see which ones are not available. If you are not certain if you have the problem, you need to click on each video and check, or create such a page. A video can be available now, and an hour from now not be available.


Mark Staff

It's something we're still looking into - it has us a bit stumped at the moment, but rest assured this issue is a high priority for us and we hope to have it resolved soon. Sorry about this!

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