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I've recently uploaded my film SOUND IT OUT to Vimeo on demand. I need to geo block territories where it's already available as a VOD through other distributors - Canada, USA and Germany.

Unless I've missed something, I can't just select the territories to exclude, I have to click all other territories I do want the film to be available in. That's a whole lot of clicks. Can you make it easier by offering the countries to exclude... ie Worldwide except for.




Soxiam Staff

Hi. We've fielded this against few creators and in most cases they tended to have more frequent need to include than exclude certain regions (eg. "my film can only be distributed in UK"). Having said that, we will try to think of ways to making excluding regions easier in future version. Thanks for your suggestion.

Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay PRO

Is there any way of me doing this simply - or do I just have to select every country in the world it is available apart from those three?


Michael Rose

Michael Rose Plus

I have the same issue. Would love to upload several hundred shows and start selling but I have to block/exclude certain territories where I've licensed them. Should be able to check off excluded territories.

Kings Point

Kings Point Plus

Same here. Our film is available worldwide except Canada and USA. Would be nice to have a way to exclude territories as apposed to having to select all the territories it is available.

Adam Howden ACS

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I'd also love to be able to Geo Block I shoot a lot of music videos and a lot of the time clips are released in Australia but not elsewhere at the same time so it'd be great to be able to limit where it is seen so I don't get in trouble from record companies and potentially hurt my client base.

Koan Films

Koan Films

I have a similar problem only much more complex. I have over 25 full feature films that I would like to put on the on demand, but every single film has around 30+ countries where we've licensed rights that I must be able to geo block. If you do the math for 25 films thats a lot of clicks, not to mention the 10 new projects we are working on. I know you are just entering the VOD arena so there are some kinks to work out, but it would be nice to see this feature available sooner than later, so that it doesn't stop you from working with an independent film production and distribution company like ours.

Solution: Have a check box at the top that says everything checked should be included and one for the opposite.

Hélium Films

Hélium Films

Hello dear Help Team,

I am bumping this old thread because I can't seem to find more recent information on that topic in the Forums. Did you make any changes ? We have a Basic Account and are asked by the coproducer of one of our films to geo-block it in any territory where they have the distribution rights.

Is that possible ? If yes, how and with which kind of account ?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Support

Hi Elie, only Vimeo On Demand videos can be set to limit their geographic distribution.

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