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Apologies if this has been previously requested. Vimeo is excellant! But....

We need the ability to create contacts, groups of contacts and to be able see what videos that you have shared with what contacts. This needs to be added quickly.

It is frustrating that for each video/album that I want to share with a group, I have to enter the email addresses individually for each person in the group from an excel file. You can't even import multiple email addresses. I could be sharing password protected videos/albums with up to 40 people at a time. Copying multiple addresses in one go would be a huge improvement and time saver. The ultimate goal within 6 months should be to have a fully functional contacts management module. If you need an example of such a functionality, you can look at Sivertexter. See the included url.

Another feature of this should be records/reports of who you shared videos/albums with.

We are paying good money for a full subscription!

Thank you



Soxiam Staff

We agree with you that there's a room for improvement for adding multiple email addresses on the video share screen. We will try to make it better. As for the record keeping... I think that will be challenging amount of data to record and aggregate on our scale. There could also be some potential issues with storing personal information (email addresses) of non-vimeo members on our server.

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