I am using Mid 2009 MacBook Air and I am having choppy playback on Vimeo HTML5 with the following 2 videos:



I've used both Chrome and Safari and playback is choppy on both browsers.

Chrome runs laggy and choppy throughout the videos.
Safari runs better than Chrome since it will run smooth partially and then gets choppy on some segments then play smooth again.

I am playing videos with HD on and the done with buffering . I get the same choppy results non-fullscreen and fullscreen.

Is there a fix for this problem? Thank you very much for your help.

Darnell Witt 🌈

Darnell Witt 🌈 Staff

Hi there, Can you try pausing the video, letting it buffer, and then playing it? vimeo.com/help/faq/video#whatisbuffering

Then, let us know if you're seeing any choppiness within the buffer region, or if it's only occurring when the playhead hits the end of the buffer region.



Hello Darnell,

Thanks for the reply. I did pause the video and let the video finished buffering. But the result is still the same. The choppiness still happens within the buffer region. When I jump around within the buffered region (the entire video is completely done with buffering), the video play response is very slow (the video is not playing, but the audio is there).



Hello Mark,

Turning off HD will play smoothly, but these videos are more enjoyable with HD on. I've asked my friends to try on their Macs (Mabook Pro) and they do not have the same issue. Can this be caused by Mid 2009 Macbook Air can't handle the video in HD?

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

It could be. Or it could be your internet connection. Like your friends, those videos are playing back fine for me. Sorry I can't offer you more assistance!

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