Hi there, I am plus user. All of my videos previously showed up on my website. Now they dont show up. All but one is showing as an embedded video. The settings look right in the video settings. Can you look into this please. I pay for plus.



Mark Staff

Can you tell me where I should be looking for these videos on the site?


YoungCuts Plus

I believe that I have the same or similar problem. All of my videos previously showed up on my website, and were specifically limited to my web site The only way I found to fix the problem, was to change the privacy settings to allow embedding anywhere, which I prefer not to do. I have left the problem with one video at:!projects/ctzx so you can see the problem and find out why this video will not play at an approved web site (which is not https)



Mark Staff

Wix changed the way their URLs are structured, so you need to add to your allowed domains.

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