creoflux Plus

I tried many times to pick a frame as a thumbnail but the result is always the same: vimeo places a total different frame as thumbnail - a frame that doesn´t appear in the clip for the next 3 or 4 seconds.
Why is this happening and is there anything I or Vimeo-guys can do about it?

This option was one argument for me to buy vimeo plus. Since I already pay for a video hosting service with horrible upload times, this is a bug too much and also one I will not accept. Please do something about it!


Mark Staff

This is a bug with the flash player because flash is super janky. Try choosing it another browser like Chrome or Safari so you can use the HTML5 player, it's a lot more accurate.


creoflux Plus

Thanks for your quick response! I´ll give chrome a try then.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Could you try updating Flash to it's latest version and giving it another shot?

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