Inquiry regarding unfunctioning VIMEO account

Dear Sir/Madam

Hello, I am user of your service.
-account: helljaejun@gmail.com

(Actually, today I changed my account from 'helljaejun@gmail.com' to 'hanhun@cj.net' after finding problem of 'helljaejun@gmail.com')

I'd like you to check something about your service related to the account, 'helljaejun@gmail.com'.

It seems as if the account, 'helljaejun@gmail.com' has lost Admin linkage to 'vimeo.com/mnetartworks';; page and was downgraded from 'pro' to 'basic'. Could you kindly look into this matter?

(I upgraded the membership from 'basic' to 'pro' the earlier this year.)

Thank you for your concern.

Link: Link: vimeo.com/user19581062 / vimeo.com/mnetartworks


Mark Staff

vimeo.com/mnetartworks is in fact a PRO account, not a basic account. It is not associated with the email address you specified, it is tied to a different email address. If you forgot what it was, please email us via the contact form so we can help you out privately vimeo.com/help/contact

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