Submarine PRO

Hi there,

We're setting up Vimeo's VOD pages for our productions.
Now, once we attach a trailer to a project on VOD it will be marked as "private/vod" and won't show up on in Vimeo's normal search results. Of course, we would like to always have a our trailers available to the public and not only on VOD (without uploading the trailer twice to our account).

We couldn't find a proper solution. Can someone maybe help with this? Thanks!

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

I was still able to locate your trailer 'Satellite Queens' in Search. The only difference is that it links to your VOD page.


Submarine PRO

Ah ok thanks! I guess it has to do with we didn't published the VOD page yet.

Another question, is there any update whether it is possible to view private (vod) videos to someone else for free? Example, our video were password protected and our customers want to review our films for free but vod makes them private and only available when payed.

Hope so, otherwise we need to upload our videos twice??

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