Darya Zhuk

Darya Zhuk Plus

I keep adding a url for another vimeo user's video I'd like to be featured on my profile, but it doesn't not show up though I get a message " your settings are saved." Please help

Link: vimeo.com/user2689372

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

You have to be credited in the video in order to add it to your featured videos.

Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung

Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung Plus

Yet, why that? It makes featuring videos much more complicated.

Would be easier if I could suggest to an uploader to credit me in that video. Is that possible/planned?


Mark Staff

You can send the uploader a message to ask!

Advantage Video

Advantage Video Plus

Why have the embed codes changed - for example this one Does Not work:

This one - from an earlier time Does work:

Note: there is no ''; before 'player' in the former code and the former embed code does not capitalize - 'allowfullscreen'.

When I type in the corrections I get it to work but why was it changed in the first place?

Thank You.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Sorry, I meant for your to send a direct link to us so we can see your embed code. You can create a secret gist or public gist and provide us with a link to it.


Mark Staff

You need to copy the link it generates after you submit it, and then paste the link here.

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