Shaun Ellis

Shaun Ellis

Whenever I attempt to upload a video it seems to crash when it gets between 20%-30%.

I have tried reducing the file size to 700MB but this has no effect.

I am a Plus User.

Any help would be great.

Many Thanks



Mark Staff

Can you please email us to reach our uploading & encoding engineers so they can try and troubleshoot this issue with you? Please provide as much detail as possible.

Bob Seeberger - RMS Video Intl.

Bob Seeberger - RMS Video Intl. Plus

I am a Plus user and have been for some time without ANY uploading problems, until just this week. I have the option to use either Google or IE. With Google, I get "aw-shucks" signs all the time after a few seconds of uploading an MP4 file of about 4-G size. Tried it several times and internet works fine for everything else, but not for uploading. Using IE, I get a different result - that being a full color bar screen shot, but not the loading bar that shows upload progress. And after some 6-10 hrs the color bar screen still remains and I am told "still processing". This has never happened before as last week a couple of uploads worked fine using the same computers. Hence, not only did I try both Chrome and IE, but also a second computer with the same results. My email address is Thank you. Bob Seeberger


Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

This could be happening due to incorrect compression settings. Could you take a look at our recommended compression settings and re-export and re-upload? Thanks.

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