Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hi guys, very sorry for the trouble — our developers have put in a fix for this issue and uploads should be working correctly now. Please retry your upload and create a new forum post if you continue to experience any error messages!

Lynwood Jordan

Lynwood Jordan PRO

On attempting uploads the upload process either returns the notice that there is an "error on our end" (meaning Vimeo's) stating that it is a DNS error or, when the upload does start, it then stalls out. Happens in any browser.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Sorry about that! Could you try clearing cache in your web browser and give it another shot?

Joint Commission

Joint Commission PRO

I've been getting the same DNS error and it says it is on your end. I've been trying uploads from two different machines and also from a connect DropBox and it takes forever and isn't doing much. Any thoughts?

Justin Bond

Justin Bond PRO

YES. DNS errors on your end. Tried multiple computers. chrome, firefox, IE

Alistair Loveless

Alistair Loveless

Mine was konked out too for about 15 minutes, and gave me dns errors and "something went wrong on our end" messages too.
Its working now, but ive had this happen a probably around 40% of the time when ive been uploading lately.

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan

I've been getting the same errors. I can't upload anything.

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan

I've even tried uploading it from my dropbox, and I get the same error every time. It just keeps telling me there's a DNS error. I've tried from three different computers. Same results.

The Rush

The Rush

I am getting a DNS error as well that keeps me from uploading

Alexander Heyne

Alexander Heyne Plus

Derek -

I can't upload anything. It worked earlier today, but now it's not. All DNS errors.


chessNwine PRO

My uploads are stalling out as ell, barely getting past 1%. Help, please.

Voice Of God Recordings

Voice Of God Recordings PRO

Mine too. Usually doesn't even start uploading. But I did get up to 20% one time and then it errored out also. Same DNS error. I cleared my cache as suggested, but no help.

MP Videos KY

MP Videos KY Plus

Mine also isn't happening. Trying to upload a one-minute, 41MB file, just getting the rainbow bar "scan" but no progress bar.

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

We are currently looking into this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan

I hope this gets fixed by tonight, because I have to upload a video that's due in class tomorrow, and my professor requires us to upload to Vimeo (he doesn't like people giving him DVDs and giving him the raw file would be impractical).


Mike Plus

Adding another comment so I can follow up when it's resolved.



I think it's time for an official update on the status of the situation. Thank you.

Newcap Television

Newcap Television Plus

FYI for others waiting:

Via @VimeoStaff 4ms ago

@AlbaMonica Engineers are working on the DNS errors right now!

Heart Bridge Media

Heart Bridge Media PRO

I'm having trouble uploading. I'm getting a DNS error. I have a deadline. Just wondering if this is getting resolved soon.

Jared Raab

Jared Raab Plus

Yep... Same problem here. Glad to know they're working on it.

Lane McCall

Lane McCall Plus

Having the same problem for the past hour. My upload won't even start. Just says "uploading" for about 10-15 seconds then I get a DNS error pop-up.



Yes, same DNS unload error for us too... stalls out or fails

Jim Pace

Jim Pace

Sweet! Just paid $199 dollars for a Pro membership for a DNS error. Bummer!

The Frei Group

The Frei Group Plus

Yep same here and we are on a deadline and need to show our videos to clients. Much fun. NOT. Uploading to our server now. Good old times. No word from Vimeo yet as far as we know.

Jared Raab

Jared Raab Plus

From @VimeoStaff twitter: "...we've got people on the issue right now. Should be back to normal soon."

RJD Productions

RJD Productions Plus

Ive tried two different vimeo accounts (mine and a client's) and both of them are giving me DNS errors when I try to upload.



Now moving on to two hours of broken uploads

Peter A. Calvin

Peter A. Calvin PRO

I am emailing the fine cut to the client, and having to explain that it is highly compressed version.

Justin Bond

Justin Bond PRO

YES. DNS errors on your end. Tried multiple computers. chrome, firefox, IE


Fyb3roptik PRO

Same here. I tried clearing cache, but to no avail. Also your Troubleshooter page has a script error of 0 when selecting Problems Uploading.

Betsy Stibal

Betsy Stibal Plus

Same here! It's getting annoying since it has been going on most of the day!!!



Has anybody had any luck using dropbox? I am trying it but status just says "Uploading".



That's not good news. Last time I ran into this it was over 6 hours and then there was the back log of everybody uploading. It was a mess. If it is a DNS issue it seems weird that it is taking this long unless they don't have any redundancy.

Miles Goldman

Miles Goldman Plus

also having the same issue; the report says there is a DNS error on the Vimeo end of things. tried a variety of the suggested changes over the past several hours with no luck.

Six String Country

Six String Country PRO

Same error for me. When using web uploader:

DNS Error
Sorry, there was an error on our end with the upload. Please try again shortly.

When trying my desktop uploader on iMac Mountain Lion, the upload bar gets half way there and then stalls, eventually timing out…

Eye Figure Productions

Eye Figure Productions Plus

"Support Staff hours are 10AM–6PM EST Monday to Friday. We'll answer you as soon as possible"

Well that's not good

Newcap Television

Newcap Television Plus

Latest answer from them was an hour ago via


Allegedly their engineers are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it, but no estimate on when that will be, or how the backlog of everyone's failed uploads from today will affect the upload process once it does finally get back to working order.

Liquid Creative

Liquid Creative PRO

One thing you can try if you're on Windows is to close ALL browser windows (close all of them, not just tabs), run the Command Prompt and type:

ipconfig /flushdns

That will flush your DNS cache and you may get a different upload server next time you try. This worked for us. Perhaps only some of their upload servers are having issues.

Newcap Television

Newcap Television Plus

Great.. now everyone knows the dns flush secret :P

Thanks for the tip Liquid Creative!
I had cleared browser cache and flushed the DNS in command prompt multiple times, but never thought to actually close the browser (duh!).
Loaded it up again and saw a "We're currently experiencing upload issues. Hang tight! Our developers are on the case." Overlay at the top of the page (reassuring to see some acknowledgement of the issue on the site itself) and now my uploads seem to be working.. now we'll see how the CONVERSION step plays out

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