Simeon Nartoomid

Simeon Nartoomid Plus

It would be really awesome to be able to let our viewers download our videos from the embedded player versus having to end them to the Vimeo page. In cases where the video is private ending them to Vimeo poses problems.

Therefore being to enable a download button on the embedded player that could maybe popup a window with the download options would be really helpful.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

We have no plans for this at the moment, but it may be something we develop in the future. Unfortunately it is only something we can speculate on and have a lot of other priorities to get to before discussing this.

Simeon Nartoomid

Simeon Nartoomid Plus

I hope it gets timely and careful consideration and attention. My need is to be able to use Vimeo or similar for the IT support it provides in ensuring that video I am embedding for a private audience on my website can be delivered effectively to a wide variety of devices with true streaming. With things as they are now I have to download all the various versions of the video Vimeo creates and then make them available from my own server. It is still faster than doing all the conversions on my own machine, but nowhere near as good as it would be if Vimeo made them available via the embedded player directly. If it had that option you would then offer some competition to other online video streaming services such as The other option for me would be to send people to the video's Vimeo page to download them, but you also do not offer an ability to disable the share button on the Vimeo hosted page for the videos, so that breaches my need to keep the video content private.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Simeon,

If embedding is disabled on the video, the Share button will appear for folks to copy the link to the page they're on, but they won't be able to embed the video -- so you can send users to Vimeo's page to download if you'd like.

Simeon Nartoomid

Simeon Nartoomid Plus

The share button sends the person you are sharing the video with a link and the password, so as stated, that usurps my need to keep my videos private. Why would someone want to make a video private and have sharing too, those two features being possible at the same time make no sense at all to me. Private by definition should mean no viewing at all unless you have been given proper password access by the owner of the video. Vimeo therefore does not offer true privacy for their subscribers.

Kingsley Montessori

Kingsley Montessori Plus

We would also really benefit from this feature. Our school posts videos to our secure website but would love for parents to have the ability to download those videos from our website rather than having to provide a link to a password protected video that they can download.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

While we don't explicitly provide downloads within the Player, it is possible to provide links in the embedded player outro. PRO members can get download URLs for their videos and then put that URL into the 'link' outro.

More info about download URLs here: More info about Plus/PRO outros here:

If you embed this test video from my account (it's hidden from Vimeo but is embeddable) you can see how download URLs + the link outro can work together:

Rammstein Uruguay

Rammstein Uruguay

For analysis of sightings and videos related to UFOs, would be very useful to download it in full resolution.



Viewlogies PRO

This feature is key to my business. I am hoping Vimeo can support this or I am going to have to find a solution that enables this.

Richard Clear

Richard Clear PRO

We also need a feature like this so that members of our secure website can download video right from the embedded video player.

Lehigh Valley Baptist Church

Lehigh Valley Baptist Church PRO

We could also use this feature on our site, it would be a super big help to have this available. Some of our students watch their lessons in non-wifi locations and would like to download it so that they can watch it offline

Born To Produce

Born To Produce PRO

+1 This feature would be fantastic for our Company, please implement it.. Many thanks

Erik Guzowski

Erik Guzowski PRO

we all need downloads are our business and the digital future is here and now...DVDs are yester-year. It would also make you a much more desirable and profitable company and take away from dropbox customers.

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