Jessica M Forbes

Jessica M Forbes

I am wanting to create a widget to display my videos on my website. I found the area in which you create the widget and I love the hubnut structure. My question is, is there anyway to include the video descriptions when you click to make them play as well? I would like them to appear next to the video only when it is clicked to be viewed large, not in thumbnail view. Is this possible? Also, can this widget be made large so that it takes up an entire page instead of just being little on the side of the page? Thanks for your help. Or, if there is a better way to create a video carousel of sorts in order to display vimeo video on a personal portfolio website that you think might work better I'm willing to try anything that will look good and provide a structure to display my embedded vimeo videos. Thank you!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Jessica,

The Hubnut widget is limited in terms of displaying descriptions. But you can change the size of it. In the embed code, you'll find two numbers that define the width and height of the widget, change those accordingly to make it however large you would like :)

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