Jason Martin

Jason Martin

I've downloaded your example on how to use Moogaloop with JavaScript, and I've even tried to adapt it to my own code, but I can't get the player to interface with my JavaScript.

From the research I've done on Google, it seems that the problem is that functions in Flash haven't been hooked up to the External Interface.

Here's the code I'm using: pastebin.com/m290600f5. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this right, but if you find any issues in the code, feel free to let me know.

- Jason

Casey Pugh

Casey Pugh Staff

We've fixed the problem. We had to prepend all our function names with "api_" because our "play" and "pause" names were causing Flash keyword conflicts that would only show up in IE.

Please refer to the updated API doc page: vimeo.com/api/docs/moogaloop


cetv Plus

I've also tried the Moogaloop javascript example found here: vimeo.com/api/docs/moogaloop. It works fine, but in IE7 I get an "error on page" message at the bottom.

I have also tried to incorporate the code from the example into my own page, which calls another external javascript file to write out some unrelated navigation links on the side. But with the Moogaloop code, the navigation area is also writing out some of the code from the mootools script that is being called.

Not sure what's up with that. I was interested in the javascript because I'd like to get a little "loading" graphic to spin while the video is buffering. I did manage to do that, but it would be nice if that other code wasn't printing with my links. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

matt zeckinger

matt zeckinger

hi there. i am experiencing the same problem. furthermore it seems like the javascript example is broken.

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