As part of my final thesis project in MultiMediaArt, I am looking for your everyday moment clips. The clips will finally be shown within a ongoing media art installation.

This project combines the aspect of special moments or details in everyday live.

No rules, only a few hints:
- movie length : 30-60 seconds
- framing: try to concentrate on one detail, e.g. raindrops in a puddle of water
- no big camera movements, pans or zooms …
- no sound editing
- the video will finally be cut into a square, meaning we will cut a part on the left and right, note that while recording.
- submit as many clips as you like
- add a tag 'publicubes'
- add to the 'publicubes' group: publicubes: everyday moment clips
- submit your vimeo URL to

Detailed information about the project and participation:

First public presentation: 12th-14th of November at Salzburg Main Station, Austria

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