Jeff Crocker

Jeff Crocker


I would love some help with this issue that has been plaguing me. I produce an audio podcast that utilizes the "enhanced podcast" format of m4a.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, sites do not support m4a formats for embedding. I have tried to recompress/reformat the m4a file that GarageBand creates to make it an m4v or mov or mp4. NO LUCK.

The chapter marks and changing album art appear in proper sequence, but never sync properly, as they did in the original file.

I want to use Vimeo as our alternative, embeddable delivery system for our audience. When they aren't downloading from iTunes I would love to be providing them with an embedded Vimeo module on our website or Facebook, etc.

Is there some trick or some more info that I need to help me accurately and efficiently convert m4a to m4v (or other video format)? I am not a novice when it comes to digital video, which makes this issue all the more frustrating.

Thank you for your help,
Jeff Crocker
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Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hey Jeff, I'm going to move this thread to the cameras and editing forum, the folks there have a lot of wisdom you'll find useful.



Why not post a link so those of us with similar problems will be able to use vimeo to share audio files recorded on iPhones?

Jody Baker

Jody Baker Plus

Hey Jeff,

This is 3 years old. My my. Well, perhaps someone will benefit. I had the same problem and I used visualhub to convert to mp4 format and uploaded that.

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