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The title says it all. Is there a way I can mute the audio by default for an embedded vimeo? Crossing fingers....

Marc Kremers

Marc Kremers PRO

OK.... how do I do that?

Basicaly I have 6 vimeos on a page, all autoplaying, but I want the volume to be off for each of them.

I've looked around for a good while on the API documentation, but I dont really get how to just affect one thing, the volume. Could anyone give me some pointers?

I'm just adding the embedded vimeos in posts via wordpress.

Thanks so much in advance!

Marc Kremers

Marc Kremers PRO

haha, i know that, it's more about how i put that in.

In the end i did this:

(For a wordpress post by the way, using a plugin which allows javascript in the post)

Let me know if there's an even easier way to do this though!


var video_id = 11824593;
var moogaloop3 = false;

function vimeo_player_loaded(swf_id3) {
moogaloop3 = document.getElementById(swf_id3);

// Run the javascript when the page is ready
var swf_id3 = 'moogaloop3';

var flashvars = {
clip_id: video_id,
show_portrait: 0,
show_byline: 0,
show_title: 0,
autoplay: 1,
js_api: 1,
js_onLoad: 'vimeo_player_loaded', // moogaloop will call this JS function when it's done loading (optional)
js_swf_id: 'moogaloop3' // this will be passed into all event methods so you can keep track of multiple moogaloops (optional)

var params = {
allowscriptaccess: 'always',
allowfullscreen: 'true'

var attributes = {

// For more SWFObject documentation visit:
swfobject.embedSWF("";, swf_id3, "390", "251", "9.0.0","expressInstall.swf", flashvars, params, attributes);


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