Hans Nieser

Hans Nieser

I ran into what I guess might be a bug; I just created this account and wanted to ask a question on the API forum, but after clicking the button to submit the post it just got stuck on 'Posting..' and didn't report any error. Tried a few different browsers but they all did the same thing. Then it occured to me that I hadn't confirmed my account yet, and sure enough, after checking my inbox and clicking the confirmation link I could finally submit the post.

Just though I'd report this here because it might confuse new users who don't realise you have to confirm your account first :)

EDIT: While I'm at it, there seems to be a broken (doubly-escaped) link on vimeo.com/api/docs/methods/vimeo.videos.upload.getTicket in the little note at the top


Soxiam Staff

Thanks for the heads up. We will look into both.

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