Joel Godin

Joel Godin

Beauty shots are cool, music vids are fun, but we are looking for short stories, films here on Vimeo that have great twists, or make you think, whiplash the mind.

Submit your film or someone else's film to Cerebral Films.
Or just message me the URL of one here on Vimeo.

Also, join the Group if you like these kind of videos/films.

Joel Godin
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Cerebral Films

kim hopkins

kim hopkins PRO

I think, this is a tale for many of us in the 'developed' world, having made a raft of 'social issue' film's about the world's ill's across many continents, i started to film a neighbor caught up in the trap of capitalism. A fable of our time.

The Air Factory

The Air Factory

Hi Joel,
we are a "factory", we are putting togheter people with different skills to create projects and publish them, just to get credits and let people to amplify their voice.

Answer me asap here or on our facebook page

alessandro alo scardecchia

Joel Godin

Joel Godin

I don't have permission to view it.

Sergio Laguarda

Sergio Laguarda

Hi every1,
Here u r guys,,,,hope u enjoy this short called "Manuela".
It always makes me think about how to carry on in life without fear.

Geometric Visuals

Geometric Visuals Plus

I think you will like my short film Afterthought: Purgatory.
The story is about a man who consulted pharmaceuticals, Nick, who then finds himself lost in his own subconscious after he commits suicide. Confronted by his own reflection, Nick witnesses his own death for a brief moment of cogitation before fully passing on.


SHTmagazine Plus

MEDIO CAMINO, was created as a non profit production. A naturalistic film production or "docu-fiction";
fiction introduced in natural society where it is thought out to create a brief reflexion of the circunstances, thoughts and expressions of the young culture of our day.

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