Diego Barrera

Diego Barrera


I write from this new account becuase for an unknown reason from my official account I cant write here:


the problem I have is that today, the number of visits of my videoclip changed from "26000" to "2775"

what is the problem?

I hope for a solution


Link: vimeo.com/23721936

Real Creations

Real Creations Plus

Same here: vimeo.com/4405211

Last week this video "lost" 2,5K of plays. Vimeo stuff did a manual reset with no results.

Today, it dropped from ~96.000 to 9.333 !

Something is seriously wrong with the stats system.
I'm pretty sure vimeo knows about this problem.

Do PLUS customers have the same issues? I was thinking of buying an annual subscription for the advanced stats sake but now I'm having second thoughts.


Link: vimeo.com/4405211



I suddenly got 8k views more without them showing up in the daily stats. I don't mind more views but I like to see the real stats. Did my video just get a huge boost and the daily stats just didn't update or is there an error?

Link: vimeo.com/26591691

Ground Release

Ground Release

Ok please notify me when it has been fixed. Thanks

Javi Devitt

Javi Devitt Plus

My stats have doubleded too, from 227.000 to 427.000.
Is this going to auto fix or you have to do it manually one by one?

Link: vimeo.com/20187108


Mark Staff

This should be fixed soon, sorry about that.

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