Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi everyone, it is now possible to retrieve the video URLs for your own videos by using the new API. These URLs can then be used with custom/private Roku channels. In the response for any /videos endpoint, you'll see a "files" attribute that contains the mobile, SD, HD transcoded video file URLs, and the HLS playlist file URL.

Video file URLs are only available to PRO members for their own videos, and can only be retrieved by API apps created by the same PRO account.

Take a look at our updated API documentation and API playground for further information:

Newman Connection

Newman Connection Plus

Does anyone know if it is possible to utilize Vimeo as the delivery source for videos to be accessed by a custom private ROKU channel ? In other words, is Vimeo a viable CDN choice for developing a custom ROKU channel ?

If Vimeo does support such usage, Is a PRO Vimeo account required ?

Is it possible to authenticate with Vimeo via custom 'brightscript' code within a custom ROKU channel ?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Granger Community Church

Granger Community Church Plus

I would love to know the answer to this as well. With the quality Vimeo has it would allow us to have amazing video streaming right into people's living rooms. Right now we are using Amazon S3 which is fine - but the quality still doesn't come close to Vimeo - as well as the simplicity of uploading content.

Anyone else out there know if this is possible?

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

We have an official Roku channel, but right now we do not provide access to video URLs through the API.

Sabbath School

Sabbath School PRO

Just to clarify: does that mean if I want I create a roku channel, I can't use the videos, or channels, on Vimeo? I would HAVE to do it some other way? That's curious. Because if I, with a pro account, used the videos...then VImeo would get credit and added exposure.

I'm looking to create a Roku channel and was hopIng to use the vimeo feeds.

Please reconsider. Up your pro account of you need to, but this option would save me the hassle.



Hi all: For the record, i am trying to accomplish the same thing. It'd be nice to create an xml file which is accessed via the private channel. This would permit us to categorize videos which the roku channel doesnt do. So my vote would be for vimeo to grant access to the mp4 files directly for streaming on private roku channels. Thanks for listening :)

Smile Producer

Smile Producer PRO

Has there been any progress to these requests in the past 10 months? I am wanting to do the same thing. It is difficult to find my videos via Vimeo on Roku for my clients. I was wondering if creating my own channel would solve that problem but it doesn't sound like it is possible to create a personal Roku channel using Vimeo videos. Is that correct?

Jamie Clay

Jamie Clay

Just to add a voice to this request - I'm working with a client who prefers to keep his Vimeo videos private until they're done - and it would be great to be able to review them on the Roku.

We can on the iOS products (haven't tested the android)

Can you folks push this up a little in priority?


Roy Fields

Roy Fields

Passion for truth please email me at HLS streaming and the direct MP4 urls are available via the PRO account. These will drive progressive download and also streaming. Hope that helps.


Carlos Plus

Hello, I am also interested in knowing how to see videos vía Roku. Thanks, Carlos, MX


VegasLifeTV PRO

I am a PRO member and able to play my videos on my Private Roku Channel.

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